We loooooove playing live! On stage the real energy flows, we find our “happy place” and it is a magical thing to share this with a live audience. J lays down the sonic foundations with her machines while Kerry pulls you into the story with her vocal magic. We are also very fortunate to have the video wizardry of Mikie G dishing up the visual treats.

Upcoming gigs

No shows booked at the moment.


"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo

We are acutely aware of the importance of music – the way it can influence how we feel, challenge the way we think, alter the way we resonate and connect. And we believe too that music is the biggest invitation to throw away the rules, to get a little wild and mix things up a bit. Music is our freedom....this is how we make music....this is why we make music.


Crazy EP (2015)

We are excited to be releasing our second EP very very soon! We've dropped the first single "The Drug" into the world and are super stoked to see it chart at #1 with RDU and #2 with Radio Active. Take a listen!

Taipei Teahouse EP (2014)

A selection of tracks created by Kerry Coulshed and Billy Mills in 2013 featuring "Beautiful Beast" - the song that sparked the Beautiful Beast project, an international collaboration between Taipei Teahouse and Roya Film House.



The "best-friends since forever" duo comprised of Kerry Coulshed (vocalist/lyricist) and Janelle Palmer (producer/controllerist), have only been making music together since Nov 2014. In that short time they have played a handful of prominent gigs, written an EP, launched the SHE series of events and created LOTEA, a collective for female electronic artists. When they create so much awesomeness together, the question begs...why haven't they collaborated sooner??

“We were musically in different places for many years and though we were really supportive of each others creative projects, collaborating just didn't seem right. And then we did the Minuit gig...”

J stepped in for Billy Mills as Controllerist when Taipei Teahouse supported Minuit for their "Final Fling" gig in Christchurch.

“Practising for the Minuit gig…well, something just clicked between us. And we had so much fun on stage that night.“

It is immediately apparent that the duo have a unique connection that makes for an enticing stage presence. Combine this with the visual magic of Mikie G, Taipei Teahouse's visual artist, and you have all the elements for a captivating live show. The hurdles involved with collaborating remotely (J lives in Northland, Kerry in Christchurch) have also not proven to be a barrier.

“We really get each other and are on the same page musically, creatively...and politically too which I think is important, given that our music makes quite strong statements about society, humanity and the clash between the two.”

Kerry and J are set to release their first EP together (Taipei Teahouse's second), titled "Crazy". It takes Taipei Teahouse into a darker and faster landscape of beat-centric indie-tronica.

Other Projects

We have spear-headed several other creative projects that are important to us. And yes, you will notice common themes ;-) collaboration; increasing the visibility of women particularly in the creative industries; the creation and performance of electronic music. Take a look at some of the other projects close to our hearts...and please, send us a message if you'd like to get involved with any of these too

The SHE events

A series of gigs showcasing "Ladies Of The Electronic Arts"

The Beautiful Beast Project

An international creative collaboration

LOTEA collective

"Ladies Of The Electronic Arts" collective

Cosmic Core

International collaboration of electronic music producers